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Observations on confectionery

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory turned out marshmallow pillows, lickable wallpaper and hot ice creams for cold days. Such is fantasy. But what if you want to create real Wonka-like confectionery wonders? Where do you begin?

As with nuclear bombs, ricin recipes and acquiring a gambling addiction, the answer is the internet: tap "chocolate recipes" into your search engine and, predictably, you will find a multitude of ways to mix, melt and fold the produce of the cocoa bean.

For those with really high-level eating fantasies, that will not be enough. They want more, and help is now at hand from www.pimpmysnack.com, which claims to "take Snacks to their limit, and show what they're capable of with a little ingenuity, a little cash, and a lot of imagination".

Pimps (recipes) include a gigantic white chocolate crispie cake (think a Toffee Crisp writ large), a monster Ferrero Rocher and a metre-long Curly Wurly (ingredients include five packets of toffees and six bars of chocolate). Each pimp has easy-to-follow instructions and readers can rate it out of ten.

The idea was born when Pete Wilcock of Cheadle in Cheshire created a variant of the KitKat Chunky and was so pleased with the results that he posted the recipe on a message board. You have guessed: a host of like-minded confectionery geeks suddenly broke cover and a dedicated site and community soon took shape.

"I myself have done very little in the way of promotion," Wilcock says.

But with super-sized snacks comes concern about super-sized people. After the excesses of Easter, Wilcock admits to being a little above average weight, but he works hard to keep respectably fit. "I don't see why such an ethos would not be possible for everyone, whether they are pimping snacks or just indulging themselves occasionally," he says.

In Roald Dahl's world, Wilcock and Charlie Bucket would probably be best friends. Asked what was the point of Wonka's factory, Charlie replied: "Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy."

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