Blairberry Fields

<em>"Let me take you on a journey to a foreign land" - William Hague on life after a second Blair te

Let me fake a frown

While I whisk you through Blairberry Fields

No one is healed

And foreign tongues are flung about

Blairberry Fields are hellish

Teaching's not easy with schools closed

And plunder planned by refugees

It's getting hard to earn a ton

With the tax perks out

And you're a Europhobe like me . . .

Sometimes I feel out of my tree

I mean inflation seems too low

Fact is I can't, you know, tune in

My hair is white

That is, I think I'm rather sad . . .

You'll be breaking down

When you're driving through Blairberry Fields

Bring me my shield

For soon they'll try to sling me out

Blairberry Fields are hellish