Missing the comic relief

So Mike Hume doesn't find Mark Thomas funny (Diary, 12 February). It's a free country. But why the poisonous attack on his motives? Surely we should support his efforts to stir and expose when the once proudly left-leaning comic fraternity in this country has atrophied into apolitical inactivity, with one or two honourable exceptions (Mark Steel, Jeremy Hardy).

To suggest that Thomas's telly-friendly methods betray a contempt for ordinary people is laughable. And for Hume self-righteously to count himself among the "commuting herd" - when he alone was able to go home and let off steam by writing an NS diary - displays an irony bypass. Perhaps Hume is irked that Thomas reaches an audience and has a tangible effect, something Living Marxism famously failed to do.

Andrew Collins
London SW16