Closet fantasists

Daniel Blaney complains there are no black candidates for the Fantasy Cabinet (Letters, 5 February). Indeed, and there are no dead people, no children and no unknown people. Surely, Citizen Smith should be included as a Representative Unknown Person. I wouldn't think a fantasy cabinet would have such a boring figure as a Prime Minister - more appropriate would be a Grand Vizier, a Tribune of the People, a Down-and-Out of the Bedchamber and a Chancellor of the Chiltern Hundreds.

Incidentally, regarding the animadversion from Richard Tagart (Letters, 5 February) about two half-naked Japanese women in two issues: the balance has been restored by the inclusion of a wholly naked Italian woman in the last issue (page 42).

Robin Oakley-Hill
Sevenoaks, Kent

Why are there no semi-naked Japanese women in the fantasy cabinet list?

Rod Ewing

This article first appeared in the 12 February 2001 issue of the New Statesman, Exclusive: how Labour could lose