Tales of the wad

Much as I agree with Jason Cowley's piece ("Forget cool: it's greedy Britannia now", 4 December), it was very odd to read it in a magazine that, the week before, had featured an article by Lucia van der Post ("The rise of stealthy wealth", 27 November) regaling us with tales of untold luxury and how the super-duper-rich like to distinguish themselves from the oh-so-ordinary rich. We need to know this? Far too many so-called news stories, right across the media, are little more than tales of the wad, the very issue that Cowley's piece astutely assesses. This is what I signed up for when I took out my subscription to the NS. If I want to know how the big and bloated live, I'll cancel and take up Hello! and OK! instead.

Laura Marcus
Leek, Staffordshire

Lucia van der Post's story about how the rich spend their money completely fails to acknowledge that it is the rich who are killing our planet by over-consumption. Bottled water that has travelled 12,000 miles is not very green, is it?

James Bowen
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire