Drink - Shane Watson suggests a liquid way to profile your date

If your date has a skinny macchiato, extra hot, he's a control freak. Be warned

This week's award for Most Astonishing Finding goes to the psychologists who have established a link between musical taste and personality. Apparently your CD collection reveals stuff about you. For example (hold on to your socks) rock fans are rebellious and classical lovers reflective. Also, new couples are twice as likely to "check each other out" through their music than through books or TV programmes. And men who own albums by Norah Jones, Katie Melua or Will Young are four times more likely to turn out to be men you don't want to know than those who own copies of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (just kidding, made that part up).

We are addicted to person-info and what it says about you: your hair, your clothes, your food preferences, even your choice of drink. To date, drink hasn't been taken that seriously, but our preferences are at least as revealing as musical taste - more so when you consider factors such as price (there's no CD equivalent of the house wine). This Valentine's Day you'd be better off paying close attention to his cocktail order than trawling through his jazz selection, and if you don't know what you should be looking for, here are a few tips to start off with.

Espresso before dinner: he's a recovering alcoholic. Best you know now, because in a few hours you'd have been suspecting a lot worse. White wine in the pub: too in touch with his feminine side - or from the Continent, and therefore excused for not knowing that, in pubs, wine is strictly for the ladies. Bitter in the pub: unless in the country, indicates too much in touch with his masculine side. Cider: tends to be what really serious drinkers move on to. If he treats it like a chaser, you have been warned.

Macchiato, extra hot, skimmed milk, not full to the top: control freak. Forget it now. Chocolate martini, espresso martini, et cetera: closet fatty; will balloon once he's relaxed into coupledom. Cava drinker who goes on about the merits of cava: tight. Prosecco drinker: discerning. Whisky: steer clear - will cry or combust in the small hours sooner or later. Champagne hound: could be weight-related or I-can't-get-over-how-rich-I-am-related. But a glass before dinner is fine. Hot chocolate: he is younger than he says, especially if he orders the whipped-cream topping. Lager top: beware a secret penchant for model boats and lead soldiers. Rose drinker: someone who would willingly go soft-furnishing shopping with you but wouldn't throw a tantrum if you disagreed on the scatter-cushion piping. This rule does not apply between 7 July and 15 August, when even oil riggers drink rose. Rum and coke: call it a Cuba Libre if you will, this man is not interested in the finer things in life.

So, there you have it. Your date profiled and analysed, and all before you've started dinner.

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