7 Days

Arming Europe Baroness Thatcher weighed in to the row over Tony Blair's plans to include 12,500 British armed forces in a European Rapid Reaction Force. The former premier condemned the move as "folly". The government, meanwhile, insists that the force is an alternative to the Nato alliance and an answer to diplomatic concerns that the Americans might retreat from Nato's long-term security agreement.

Mandelson implements RUC changes Despite opposition calls from both nationalist and unionist politicians in parliament, Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, pledged to enact the Northern Ireland Police Bill, which will implement a majority of the Patten report's reforms to the RUC.

OK! caught in a flash OK! magazine had its knuckles rapped by the Press Complaints Commission for photographing Prince William on his gap year in Chile. The magazine also raised hackles by insisting, as part of an exclusive deal with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, that the stars ban other media from their extravagant wedding reception in New York. The OK! deal was rumoured to be for £1m.

Legacy wins the Dome prize The Legacy Consortium, led by the property developer Robert Bourne, looks set to buy the Millennium Dome. Legacy, alleged to be paying £125m to the government, with an advance sum of £50m, intends to convert the Dome into an e-business world. The proposed venture will create 14,000 jobs.

Making a millionaire Judith Keppel, a cousin of Camilla Parker-Bowles, became the first contestant to win £1m on the ITV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show was accused of "dumbing down" the questions, in order to secure the victory and gain a higher rating over the final broadcast by BBC1 of the popular sitcom One Foot in the Grave.

This article first appeared in the 27 November 2000 issue of the New Statesman, The rise of stealthy wealth