This England

After trial runs of the show in Bath, where a Moscovy duck called George took to the stage at the standard rate of £250 a day - replaced by another duck after he became tense backstage - Smith decided it was cheaper to hire an actor in a duck suit for the union minimum wage of £292.84 a week.
Liz Rutherford, a director of the firm that provided George, said the charges were reasonable because ducks required training, insurance and a handler at all times. "You cannot just go out and haul any old duck off a pond to do this type of work," she said. - Guardian (Harvey Cole)

In criticism of the attitudes of some officers in the Norfolk force, Judge Paul Downes said: "It is alarming that in the year 2000 people are still prepared to give people a hard time about their sexuality, even in Norfolk, even in a police station. - Guardian (Imogen Forster)

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