7 Days

Brother saves sister Doctors in the US have used genetic screening to select a test-tube baby with exactly the right cells for him to act as a bone-marrow donor for his six-year-old sister. She is suffering from a life-threatening disease. An American couple allowed doctors to choose the embryo with the type of cells needed to save their elder child.

Bad advice Homebuyers who were wrongly advised to sign up for endowment mortgages will be compensated, according to the Financial Services Authority. The financial regulator said the worst insurers will be "named and shamed" before Christmas.

Kidnap tale In his unauthorised biography of Posh and Becks, Andrew Morton claimed the footballer and the Spice Girl lied about a kidnap attempt on their son to get Beckham off a speeding charge. Beckham faced an eight-month driving ban after driving his £150,000 Ferrari through a speed trap at 76mph in a 50mph limit. A judge overturned the penalty after hearing that Beckham was still agitated about a manic fan who tried to grab baby Brooklyn outside Harrods.

Swept away James Dyson, the self-proclaimed inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, won in his claim before the High Court that his arch-rival, Hoover, had ripped off his patented "dual cyclone" technology. Dyson will be seeking an injunction to stop Hoover producing its bagless machines, as well as damages that will "hopefully run into millions".

Mad cow disease In the week when Christopher Reeve, a farm worker from Leicestershire, became the 20th Briton to die of CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), the human form of BSE, the Health Department presented its long-awaited report on BSE to government ministers. The report, to be published in November, is expected to criticise former Tory ministers for delaying any inquiry into the spread of the disease.

This article first appeared in the 09 October 2000 issue of the New Statesman, Schools that teach children to lie