This England

An artist who strapped 300ft wings to his chest and jumped from Eastbourne pier has won his battle to become 1998 Birdman of the Year. A small claims court in Bromley, Kent, said the prize for the longest flight should not have gone to a man dressed in underpants who leapt into the sea with a plastic bag over his head. Richard Geiger, of Biggin Hill, said: "This is a victory for the British sense of fair play." - Sunday Times (Sigrid Rabiger)

Neighbours described Zardad as a slim, tall, harmless-looking man who tended to keep his head bowed as he walked to the shops to pick up his groceries.
One said: "He seemed so quiet and inoffensive. It's unbelievable that someone accused of such things should be living in this nice area." - Guardian (Imogen Forster)

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This article first appeared in the 14 August 2000 issue of the New Statesman, So, who still wants to be a millionaire?