Tenant power

Sarah Helm ("Lost souls in the city in the sky", 17 July) claims that the "entire [Aylesbury] estate is now in the grip of mass neurosis". This is simply not true. Yes, many tenants on the estate are concerned about what is happening, especially because there are no definite answers at present. The current lack of definite answers, however, is not an indication of tenants being the victims of an inevitable and predetermined regeneration programme; instead, it is a reflection of the time it takes to set up how the programme will be delivered, in a manner that ensures tenants are able to effectively participate at all levels.

Since the Aylesbury Plus Community Forum (APCF) was awarded £56m by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions in January of this year, a considerable amount of time has been dedicated to setting up the structures that will deliver the New Deal for Communities Programme (of which the housing issue is just one part). As a result of this careful planning, the tenants are now in a position where the sovereign body (the APCF) continues to make decisions by a tenant-only vote and there are tenant majorities on all other boards.

Jean Bartlett & Keren Down: chair & vice chair, the Aylesbury Plus Community Forum
Peter Webster & Camilla Sheldon: chair & vice chair, the Aylesbury New Deal for Communities Board, Southwark, London