Stars in his eyes

Andy Medhurst (Letters, 31 July) was right to criticise the lax snobbery found within your "Television Special", but I must take deeper issue with the wonky assertions of David Housham ("The death of the television star", 24 July). To prove his point - that TV doesn't make 'em like Brucie and Cilla any more - he facetiously asks us to identify four actors from current hit dramas. Our inability to do so tells him that current TV doesn't produce "stars". He might just as well ask us to identify Doris Speed, Peter Adamson or any other fine actor from Coronation Street's "golden age". Their iconic characters (Annie Walker, Len Fairclough) were the stars. Great TV drama creates compelling fiction first, supermarket-opening stars second. And Housham's mockery of soap performers aspiring to become "proper" actors betrays a shallow condescension which undermines what's left of his argument.

Andrew Collins
London SW16