This England

The agency Derrick's Doubles is hunting for a child that resembles the Prime Minister's latest offspring . . . [for] a range of photographic work involving lookalikes of the first couple.
However, news of the search was not welcomed by the real Leo's grandfather, the actor Tony Booth.
When told about the search, he laughed and sang "there's only one Leo Blair" down the telephone to the tune of the well-known football chant. "It is a bit bloody ridiculous," Booth added. -The Stage (Ron Rubin)

While strolling in Stover Country Park, near Newton Abbot, Laura Bailey threw a stick for her dog. Afterwards she was seen by a park warden putting the stick in her car and driving away. The warden called the police, who tracked down the car and told [her] to take the stick back to the park.
The warden said: "I called the police because I thought the woman was making a run for it." A police spokesperson said: "[This] should be a reminder to people that they need to seek permission before taking things." - Independent (Francis Harvey)

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