Class warfare

Since it turns out that Ed Griffiths (Letters, 12 June and 10 July) is using exactly the same edition of The Lion and the Unicorn as I am, it is not surprising that he is unable to find in it a single quotation to back up his contention that, "far from 'a desire to be rid of all social class', Orwell believed that class distinctions were charmingly 'English'". Instead, he cites a series of Orwell's "reactionary" remarks. These are both interesting and significant. They are also beside the point.

The simple truth is that Griffiths misrepresented what Orwell says about social class in this essay to the point of inverting it.

Richard Webster

This article first appeared in the 17 July 2000 issue of the New Statesman, Special Report - Lost souls in the city in the sky