Fantasy Motions

Carried! Only in their wildest dreams

Clare Short MP
'This conference believes the Labour government has lost its way by adopting a neoconservative foreign policy and a neo-Thatcherite model of public sector reform.'

Stephen Twigg, Foreign Policy Centre
'This conference reminds delegates that there will be free beer available at the bar during votes on Iraq, secondary picketing, ID cards, pensions, PFI, et cetera.'

Roy Hattersley, peer
'This conference reiterates Labour's commitment to creating an equal society and changing the character of those institutions - educational, social and financial - which divide the nation.'

Denis MacShane MP
'This conference believes it should next meet in 2008 and at three-yearly intervals thereafter.'

Clive Anderson, lawyer and broadcaster
'This conference believes . . . that John Humphrys should be offered a knighthood for his services to robust political debate. And that the retirement age should be raised to 67 for prime ministers.'

George Monbiot, environmentalist
'This conference believes the government should treat climate change as a national emergency.'

Adam Sampson, Shelter
'This conference calls on the government to build 20,000 affordable social rented homes a year to help those suffering at the sharp end of Britain's housing crisis.'

Claire Fox, Institute of Ideas
'This conference believes free speech enables different interpretations of the world to be debated, thus exposing prejudice and misinformation in the court of public opinion.'

Hari Kunzru, novelist
'This conference recognises that the term "civil rights" is outmoded and should be replaced with the more appropriate "civil luxuries".'

Maeve Sherlock, Refugee Council
'This conference recognises that there really aren't many asylum-seekers who are scroungers, and that refugees would love to work if only we'd let them.'

Charles Saumarez Smith, National Gallery
'This conference believes the Heritage Lottery Fund should spend at least half its income on museums and galleries.'

Daleep Mukarji, Christian Aid
'This conference believes it should be illegal to attach conditions to aid or debt relief that force poor countries to liberalise their markets or privatise their public services.'

John O'Farrell, journalist
'This conference calls for 24-hour TV cameras to be attached to delegates to help the public connect with the political process.'

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