7 Days

Bloody Sunday General Michael Jackson, the acclaimed commander of Kfor in Kosovo, has acknowledged his role in the Bloody Sunday killings of 1972. As a young captain in the unit that carried out the massacre, Jackson was the "right-hand man" for his battalion commander. Although he did not personally fire a round or give any order to do so, Jackson's involvement with the incident undermines his role as a defender of the oppressed in Kosovo.

Ian Dury dies The lyricist, punk singer, art teacher, actor, painter and all-round charmer Ian Dury died from cancer. The writer of the famous "Hit me with your rhythm stick", Dury energetically toured Europe with his backing band, "The Blockheads", until his death. He was 57.

Sellafield under pressure Pressure to end nuclear reprocessing at Sellafield came from Scandinavia and Ireland amid allegations of marine pollution, while the Japanese government threatened to cancel its contract with British Nuclear Fuels. The German government accused the organisation of lying about German plans to lift its ban on importing reprocessed nuclear fuel from Sellafield.

Reunited kingdom Tony Blair argued that devolution has cemented the Union, in an attempt to rebuff Conservative claims that devolved power in Scotland and Wales will break up Britain. To prevent the Tories playing the patriotism card at the next election, Blair said that Britishness did not lie in outdated institutions, but in values such as fair play, tolerance and creativity.

Thunderer changes Peter Stothard, editor of the Times, announced that he will take a one-year sabbatical. His move came one month after he was named Editor of the Year at the What the Papers Say press awards and a fortnight after he presided over the redesign of his paper. Ben Preston, his current deputy, will edit in his absence.

This article first appeared in the 03 April 2000 issue of the New Statesman, Englishness: who cares?