No "conservative" proposal

John Lloyd gives a fair view of my notions of something like an Anglosphere ("The Anglosphere Project", 13 March). But I don't see that it should be regarded as a "conservative" proposal. Surely there are many on the left who already look on today's "Europe" as a Heathite-Chiracite-Kohlite unnatural, bureaucratic, corporatist phenomenon, and who might prefer something like a looser neo-Commonwealth? Anglosphere is in the long run, anyway. Priority must be some withdrawal from creeping continentalisation: a view, again, that may also be shared by many on the left who might not go along with the Anglosphere concept.

Robert Conquest
Stanford, California, USA

This article first appeared in the 27 March 2000 issue of the New Statesman, The New Statesman Essay - How we have lost the joy of sex