Homicidal cyclists

I do hate to agree with Piers Morgan. In his contribution to your special supplement on transport (14 February) he comes over as new Labour's answer to Mr Toad, except that he does not do the poop-pooping himself but employs a chauffeur for his Mercedes, which, he claims, has been "reinforced" so that cyclists ("cycling swampies") are thrown over the bonnet.

But I'm afraid he's right about cyclists, who are both homicidal and suicidal in their deep conviction that however dangerously they behave they are automatically in the right. As an elderly pedestrian, I am terrified by the way they charge along pavements, seemingly hunting for victims. As a driver, I am petrified by the way they ignore one-way streets down which they cycle at speed the wrong way without benefit of lights, often wearing the darkest of clothes to render themselves even less visible.

What can be done to convince these Latter-day Saints that they are mortal sinners like the rest of us? Is there no alternative to running them down systematically a la Morgan?

Nicholas Faith
London N7

This article first appeared in the 28 February 2000 issue of the New Statesman, Why the party still needs its soul