Our children's lives are a misery

I am not generally in agreement with Darcus Howe. There are, however, exceptions to every rule - and I wholeheartedly agree with his concern (31 January) for the way his daughter's childhood is being made a misery by a government that has it in for young people.

Wanting to get them into formal education when under five, loading them down with homework from the beginning, doing nothing to curb petty school rules about trivia such as appearance, uniform and eating in the streets, the non-stop pressure of GCSEs , forcing them to stay at school longer, less choice in what they study, ending free higher education and denying students grants, even threatening Summerhill - the list is endless. And this from a government comprised of many who benefited from free higher education and decent grants, and led by a man who was himself, rightly, a rebel at school!

I write as a libertarian Conservative who supports traditional teaching methods and curricula and loathes political correctness.

Mark Taha