My pledge card

Don't like Tony's six election pledges? What would you prefer?

Neil Tennant - songwriter

1. Increase personal freedom
2. Safeguard public health
3. Reinvent Britain as a republic with a constitution
4. Stop dealing in arms
5. Take radical measures to protect the environment
6. Protect our heritage; encourage new creativity

Anita Roddick - activist

1. Reduce lying to the public by 75 per cent
2. Provide the country with a sustainable energy policy
3. Build human-scale schools and hospitals
4. Insist that the maximum wage be £1m a year including company benefits
5. Introduce a new Habeas Corpus Act
6. Force all 4x4 owners to do community service

Charles Saumarez Smith - director, National Gallery

1. Funding for national museums and galleries increased by 5 per cent pa for five years
2. A National Purchase Fund established from the Lottery
3. Creativity acknowledged as an essential part of the national economy
4. Architectural quality treated as an essential requirement for public sector building projects
5. A new wing for the National Gallery in time for the Olympics
6. Tax rebates to encourage gifts to endowments for cultural institutions

Will Self - novelist

I wish Labour would desist from empty and vacuous pledges as a way of whipping in support. If I were running for election I wouldn’t make any. I’d ask the electorate to back me on solid policies, and then re-elect me on the basis of my having implemented them.