Folksy Frank may not be a myth

Like military intelligence, "intelligence from York" must be a contradiction in terms (Paul Routledge, 15 November). I am sure Dobbo was perfectly capable of giving out lines and keeping in the whole school, although I doubt it, somehow. Other claims of "fagging" at the "posh" Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School somewhat undermine the veracity of your informant. Archbishop Holgate's was an HMC school, but it was also one of the two boys' state grammar schools in York and, while it was posher than the other one (Nunthorpe Grammar School), it hardly competed with the posh St Peter's and the even posher Bootham. I also recall some well-heeled choirboys near the minster who were so posh they were not spoken about in the level of society I inhabited. So Folksy Frank may not be a myth after all.

Mike Davis