7 Days

Berlin jubilant Tens of thousands of Berliners celebrated ten years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Chancellor Schroder paid tribute to the "bravery" of the people of the former East Germany - for which read "forbearance". They suffer 16.9 per cent unemployment, over twice the figure in the former West Germany.

Cyclone fall-out The government in the eastern Indian state of Orissa rejected UN charges that it is responding inadequately to the cyclone that struck two weeks ago. Official figures put the death toll at over 7,500, but this is likely to rise much further.

Welfare through The Lords backed down on their revolt over the government's controversial welfare bill. Lord Ashley, the Labour peer who led the campaign against the bill, withdrew his amendments, despite saying the government had failed to answer serious criticisms.

Court shrift The French consumer affairs minister said France would rather go to court than lift its ban on British beef. France has been told that it faces legal action from the European Commission if it fails to lift the trade embargo by 16 November.

Chechnya fears Chechnya's foreign minister warned that he fears Russia will continue attacks on his nation until it has been completely destroyed. Iyas Akhmadov made his comments after the US accused Russia of violating the Geneva Convention in its offensive against the breakaway republic.

Spin cycle Peter Mandelson will again lead Labour's election machine, the party announced. The Northern Ireland Secretary will work with Gordon Brown in planning the party's next campaign.

Dome alone The giant human figure at the centre of the Millennium Experience's Body Zone was revealed for the first time. This may be the closest organisers come to a human body inside the dome, however. Not one of its opening days has yet sold out.

This article first appeared in the 15 November 1999 issue of the New Statesman, Guns and the Dome