Odone's schooldays revisited

I was dismayed that you printed a letter (16 August) supporting Cristina Odone's cock-and-bull story that she attended the same school as Edward Kennedy Jr. The school to which your letter referred, St Alban's, has entirely different teachers, administrators, pupils and buildings; so will you stop perpetuating this nonsense once and for all?

More to the point is Odone's continuing failure to explain why, as a devout Catholic, she attended a trendy Anglican private school. As a more humble Catholic myself, I feel strongly that the Catholic-is-chic attitude of aspiring London media figures is ultimately harmful not only to Catholicism but to publications that push this latest fashion. New Catholicism has no place in the New Statesman. I hope one day Ms Odone will come clean on all this.

David Brodie

This article first appeared in the 06 September 1999 issue of the New Statesman, The New Statesman Essay - Whatever happened to liberty?