This England

A couple who bought a bargain Spanish holiday from a man at a car boot sale ended with disaster. Brian MacDonald and his wife Yvonne insisted that their destination must be flat and close to the sea because they both have health problems. But they found that their villa was 300 yards up a slope known locally as "Cardiac Hill". It was also more than half a mile from the sea. Later, the salesman claimed he had meant that the seafront was flat. - Times (Nick Thomas)

The outbreak of charity shops in the High Street, Wells, has turned into an epidemic.
There is a place for charity shops but there should be a ration between them and the independents.
I believe that most of the goods on offer for sale are donated and that most of the in-store staff work for nothing. This must be a great financial advantage to start with. - Letter in Wells Journal (Francis Harvey)

Firefighters rescued a man and an iguana lizard who had become stuck up a tree in St Leonards, East Sussex. A fire brigade spokesman could not explain why the pair had been in the tree. - Times (Dennis Brooks)

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This article first appeared in the 30 August 1999 issue of the New Statesman, Gordon Brown, the great feminist