Goodbye, Dolly

<em>Dolly the cloned sheep is prematurely ageing. The average age of theatregoers was said to be 58<

Dolly's no longer in clover

Dolly is short in the tooth

The age of her innocence? Over

Gone is the first fleece of youth

Dolly was frolicking last year

Full of new projects and cud

Now Dolly's out in the pasture

Up to her udder in crud

Her principles look very woolly

Priorities seem pretty strange

If she were beef she'd be bully

It looks like a slight touch of mange

Dolly can't claim when disabled

Nor read up the files of Bo Peep

Dolly was formerly fabled

Now she goes to the theatre to sleep

This article first appeared in the 07 June 1999 issue of the New Statesman, Europe grows after Kosovo