7 Days

Blast fall-out A nail bomb killed three in a gay pub in London's Soho and was immediately linked to earlier explosions in Brixton and Brick Lane. Neo-Nazi groups Combat 18 and the White Wolves emerged as prime suspects but, within days, police charged a lone operative, David Copeland, with murder and planting the three bombs.

Numbers game While William Hague failed in his pledge to double Tory party membership two years after taking over, the TUC revealed a growth spurt for the first time in 20 years. The most significant rise in membership was among part-time female workers.

Mountain mystery The body of George ("Because it's there") Mallory, who disappeared 75 years ago attempting to conquer Everest, was recovered 2,000ft from the summit. Whether he died going up or coming down could not be determined, leaving the laurels with Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who successfully summitted 29 years later.

Famous victory Panama elected its first woman president who, in the tradition of other female world leaders, is the widow of an ex-president. The coffee company boss Mireya Moscoso is assured of a place in history for reasons other than her gender - on 31 December this year, the United States hands back the famous canal which it has controlled since 1903.

Hell-raiser Oliver Reed, hard-drinking thespian, died from a suspected heart attack in a Maltese bar. He was 61. The Labour minister and Oscar-winning actress Glenda Jackson said he probably went the way he would have wished.

Boys and their toys The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ruled that the licence plate V14 GRA could cause offence and thus was unsuitable for release. Most of the orders for the plate had been placed by wives and girl friends, willing to pay up to £25,000 for the plate.