Tell us about the ballot, Nick

I see that Nick Raynsford has joined the unedifying ranks of my critics who have very little to say about what I would do as mayor of London and a great deal to contribute in terms of personal attacks ("The capital has a new Pretender", 5 March).

Nick is perfectly entitled to attack my "ego" and my "paranoia" if he feels it helps the debate, but his comments about my interest in the mechanics of running the capital are rather disappointing.

Contrary to his assertion that I am "not interested" in the legislation, I produced a 4,500-word response to the government's white paper last summer.

It is a shame that Nick did not take the opportunity to reassure Greater London Labour Party members that as Minister for London he thinks they should have the chance to decide on my candidacy in the form of a one member, one vote ballot.

Ken Livingstone MP
London SW1

This article first appeared in the 12 March 1999 issue of the New Statesman, Yanks go home . . . but not just yet