Amanda Platell finds an Edinburgh "pecker order"

Monica Lewinsky rightly sees herself as above Rebecca Loos in the "sex celebs" pecker order

No one can say power has corrupted Cherie Blair, as illustrated by Greg Dyke in his new autobiography, Inside Story. Back in the days when he was on the board of Manchester United, before he became director general of the BBC, Cherie called up her old friend to blag a cheap Man U shirt for her son Euan.

As she returns from her summer of freebies, it's good to see that she's the same straightforward freeloader as ever.

Dyke's devastating account of the bludgeoning of the BBC by Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell saw a most unusual coupling, that of the Mail on Sunday with the Observer, which shared the strictly controlled serialisation. The Guardian got the first interview.

But even with the firepower of these two heavy guns, Blair appears to have escaped unscathed. The PM - a liar or an incompetent? So what's new? Bullying and betrayal? Old news.

An immoral war, an attempt to destroy the BBC, deceit and cover-up, and all this hot on the stiletto heels of revelations of David Blunkett's mistress, the glamorous, married and pregnant publisher of the Spectator, Kimberly Fortier. It appears there is no betrayal great enough now, personal or public, to damage Brand Blair.

The big draw at the Edinburgh television festival was the pairing of Monica Lewinsky (former mistress of Bill Clinton) and Rebecca Loos (alleged former mistress of David Beckham). They were debating, and I use the term loosely, why they had kissed and sold their sex stories. However, it quickly became clear, even at the MacTaggart dinner the previous night, that Ms Lewinsky considered herself a cut above Ms Loos, something she made very clear when they were introduced. And who can blame her? Clinton wooed Lewinsky with pizza and poetry, oh, and Havana cigars. All Loos got was seedy text messages from a footballer.

How reassuring to see that there's a pecking order - or should I say pecker order - even among sex celebrities.

Sex was not on the mind of the magnificent John Humphrys when I bumped into him in BA's business lounge on our way to the festival. I couldn't even tempt him with a lunchtime gin and tonic, or a nice Montagny. We compared delays and I was touched to see he was nervous about the MacTaggart Lecture he was to deliver that evening on the curse of reality TV. He needn't have been. He delivered a powerful message with which many of us secretly concur about the degradation of television via so-called reality.

The moment of record-breaking rudeness at the Olympics came when Sue Barker interviewed three greats of sporting history - Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis and Steve Redgrave. Throughout, all three sat wearing dark sunglasses. They deserved gold medals in gormlessness and might as well have been wearing paper bags over their heads for all the courtesy this showed viewers.

Everton's Goodison Park ground has been defaced with graffiti since Wayne Rooney decided to leave the club. With such legends as "Rooney, scum Judas" and "Could have been a god but chose to be a devil", I thought it was the work of Wayne's girlfriend, Coleen McLoughlin, following claims he has been engaging the services of prostitutes. Coleen was so furious, she told friends: "'E's spoilin' me chances of becomin' a model."

With those thighs, Coleen, I doubt it.

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