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Don't believe it - "Blair to sack Brown over euro"

With the war on, normal politics had to take a back seat. Even in Scotland, the regional elections have been relegated to the inside pages.

All this changed when the twice-disgraced former minister Peter Mandelson went on BBC Radio to talk about the euro. Naturally, he wants us to go into the euro tomorrow. According to Mandelson, the tests for euro entry have already been met, so all that is needed is for Blair to back a "yes" vote and we, the voters, will support him.

There is one big problem, though - Gordon Brown. Not only will it be the Chancellor who decides if the tests have been met, but if Brown ever becomes Prime Minister, one man who won't even get a job is Peter Mandelson. He will do anything to stop Brown becoming PM.

The Prince of Darkness's solution is to stir things up as much as possible between the PM and the Chancellor. That is why he said that one of Blair's ambitions is to take the UK into the euro, knowing full well that the Chancellor will say in the next few months that the economic conditions for entry are not right.

Some political hacks have taken the bait and turned Mandelson's words round to imply that Blair will overrule Brown, and if he gets in the way he will be sacked. This, we are told, is possible because of Blair's popularity over the war. This conveniently forgets that the Labour Party is still every bit as hostile to the war as before it started. Over the euro, Blair won't have the Tories to back him up, so there is no way he can take on his Chancellor and win.

At least with Mandelson so busy interfering in the euro, he isn't meddling in the Scottish elections. The Scottish Labour Party is in enough trouble as it is.

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