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Don't believe it - "Queen suddenly recalls chat with butler"

The arrogance of the royal family is breathtaking. They expect us to believe that the Queen only remembered her conversation with Paul Burrell, Diana's former butler, in the middle of his trial, two years after he was first charged. I can't say I was following the case that closely, except when everything possible was being done to prevent the public from knowing the truth, under the guise of protecting the poor princes. However, it was clear that the prosecution case was pitiful and that, once the defence got stuck in, not only would the royal family be seen to be ridiculous, Burrell would get off even without telling all he knows about this dysfunctional family.

The royalists were in a tight corner but came out fighting. Can you remember a more sickening sight since the proclamation of the "People's Princess" than Blair telling the nation that the Queen was a wonderful human being who could do no wrong? Other royalists told us that it was the fault of the police, who managed to con Prince Charles into thinking Burrell was a cross-dresser who sold pictures of the princes in the bath to rich Americans. Burrell is laughing all the way to the bank, and he doesn't even have to reveal all his secrets. Even I would pay good money to find out what he knows. He could have the future of the monarchy in his hands. We will never know, though.

The Queen will get away with her audacious intervention because she is above the law - indeed, she is the law. Poor old IDS must wish it had happened a bit later, to cover up his own problems, but I suspect even the royal family has abandoned the Tories. Who needs them when you have friends like Tony Blair?

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