11 September: the response in books

<em>11 September</em>

A Nation Challenged: a visual history of 9/11 and its aftermath
The New York Times; introduction by Howell Raines
Jonathan Cape, £25

A Fury for God: the Islamist attack on America
Malise Ruthven

Granta Books, £15

Noam Chomsky
Seven Stories Press, £6.99

Pirates and Emperors: international terrorism in the real world
Noam Chomsky
Pluto, £40 hbk, £12.99 pbk

Report from Ground Zero: the heroic story of the rescuers at the World Trade Center
Dennis Smith
Doubleday, £10.99

Out of the Blue: the story of September 11 2001 - from jihad to Ground Zero
Richard Bernstein; staff, New York Times
Times Books, £16.29/$25

After the Terror
Ted Honderich
Edinburgh University Press, £15.99

Beyond September 11: an anthology of dissent
edited by Phil Scraton
Pluto, £40 hbk, £10.99 pbk

Jihad: the rise of militant Islam in central Asia
Ahmed Rashid
Yale University Press, £16.95

The War Against America: Saddam Hussein and the World Trade Center attacks
Laurie Mylroie
HarperCollins, £9.99

The Replication of Violence: thoughts on international terrorism after September 11th 2001
Suman Gupta
Pluto, £45 hbk, £14.99 pbk

The Lessons of Terror: a history of warfare against civilians
Caleb Carr
Little, Brown, £10.99

Two Hours that Shook the World: September 11th 2001 - causes and consequences
Fred Halliday
Saqi Books, £12.95

Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and international terrorism
John Cooley, foreword by Edward W Said
Pluto, £40 hbk, £13.99

Reaping the Whirlwind: Al Qai'da and the Holy War
Michael Griffin

Pluto, £40 hbk, £13.99 pbk

The Day that Shook the World
BBC News
BBC Books, £6.99

Terrorism: understanding the global threat
David J Whittaker
Longman, £14.99

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