7 Days

Egypt train fire More than 300 people were reported to have died in a fire on board a passenger train heading south from Cairo. Many people were trapped on the burning train by steel bars on the windows.

EU sanctions The European Union finally agreed to impose targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe after the EU observer team sent to monitor the national elections was abruptly withdrawn. Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, told reporters that an arms embargo and freeze on assets of key ministers would be effective immediately.

£30m Nats bailout The British government is to give the national air traffic control service £30m in emergency aid after the partially privatised agency was threatened with bankruptcy. The rescue package was demanded by four banks, which said that they would apply to put the service into administration unless the state intervened.

Mandelson backs off Despite the Prime Minister's decision to reopen the inquiry into the Hinduja affair, Peter Mandelson said that he is "not going back to government even if I'm asked".The MP for Hartlepool claimed that to return to a ministerial role would be to "step back into the firing line".

NHS bottom NHS care for heart patients ranks among the worst in Europe, according to a new study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Although Britain has the highest incidence of heart disease in Europe, it carries out fewer heart bypass operations than any other country in the developed world.

Dome robbers jailed The thieves who planned to steal diamonds worth up to £200m from the Millennium Dome were sentenced at the Old Bailey to a total of 71 years. The five men had targeted five jewels so valuable that the robbery would have been the largest in the world. Their attempt was dramatically foiled by the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad.

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