7 Days

Shootings rise Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, met Tony Blair and the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, to discuss how his policy of "zero tolerance" could help to cut crime levels in London. In Manhattan, the policy - of pursuing every criminal offence, no matter how minor - has been a success. Violent crime has risen in London, with an average of two shootings a day since Christmas.

Blood baby Diane Blood, the woman who set a legal precedent in 1997 by winning the right to become pregnant through in vitro fertilisation using her dead husband's sperm, is expecting a second baby. When Stephen Blood fell into a coma in 1995, his wife asked doctors to extract his sperm on the chance he might not recover. When he died without regaining consciousness, the authorities disputed whether the sperm could be used, as the donor's written confirmation is normally required.

Short blames French Clare Short, the minister for international development, berated the EU's lack of support for the struggle against African poverty and singled out the French for particular criticism. During her tour of West Africa with the Prime Minister, Short accused France of running a "conspiracy" to obstruct the continent's economic development.

Hospital turnaround Managers from the UK's most successful hospitals are to be called in to rescue the four worst NHS trusts. Executives at the four hospitals, in Barnet, Ashford, Dartford and Portsmouth, have failed to meet standards set by the Department of Health and will be replaced in an effort to improve the quality of care.

Historic trial The trial of Slobodan Milosevic, the ex-president of Yugoslavia, began at The Hague. It is regarded as the most significant war-crimes case since Nuremberg. Milosevic is charged with ethnic cleansing during the Balkan wars; he stands accused of "almost medieval savagery".

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