I don't want a ladybird money box

Do Britain's banks have more to offer 11- to 15-year-olds than childish gifts?

Victoria Battram, 13

My parents opened an account for me at HSBC when I was born. I have not used my account yet, as I'm too young to make an informed decision. My Dad looks after my money at the moment.

Tim Scott, 14

My bank account is at the Woolwich because my family always went there and it was opened for me before I was born. I am not happy that I'm not allowed to get a cash card until I'm 16, because it means I'm not always able to get money out on Saturdays or Sundays.

Charlie Greyhorn, 13

I have a bank account at Halifax because my Dad works there and I trust it more than any other bank. I like having a card so that I can get money out. It's annoying that I can't take out £5 notes at the machine because £10 is too much. I might change to Abbey National because it has really appealing qualities like high interest, but only if my Dad agrees.

Jessica Malley, 11

I don't like the way my mum has to get money out for me - but if I was allowed into my account, there wouldn't be any money left. I chose Bradford and Bingley because they gave me a free CD and a cool pen. I wouldn't change my bank account unless I moved away from home.

Oliver Chapman, 14

I don't like my bank (Barclays) because the free gifts it gives are really childish. What am I supposed to do with a ladybird money box? At the moment, I'm thinking about changing to a bank that gives higher interest, as my dad says Barclays gives low interest rates. I like having my own account, though, because I can take out as much money as I want at any time.

Laura Spencer, 15

I have had an account with Lloyds for three years. I don't like the people who work in my local bank because they treat me like a five-year-old. But I do like the monthly statements they send and knowing that I am in control of my money. When I am older, this will be even more important because I will have bills to pay.

Michelle Owen, 13

I like the groovy plastic card I got when I opened my account at NatWest. My account is really good, as it is specially designed for 11- to 15-year-olds. It means I can save up my pocket money so that, when I want to buy something special, I don't have to ask my mum for money.

Josh Bolton, 14

I have a bank account with Barclays. I would like to have a cash card that I could use in shops and restaurants. The Visa Electron card they gave me is not accepted in many places, but it is the only card available for young people. I would change to a different bank if it offered a higher interest rate, but at the moment I am quite happy with Barclays.

James Whiteley, 15

I opened a bank account because I wanted to make interest on my pocket money and my earnings from a part-time job. I chose Barclays because they have a Junior account, and you need only £1 to open it. Because I live in a remote area, my choices were limited anyway, but I like Barclays because of its instant mini statements which help me keep track of my money.

Jo Putnam, 11

I have an account with Saffron Walden Building Society. I like them because they give you a free ladybird character for keeping your money in and they serve with a smile. I know they are trustworthy because my mum has an account there. My mum also opened an account for me with Halifax, but it's too far away for me ever to go in there.

Research done by Julia Margo and Erica Goldsmith

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