Take Off

<em>"The Owl And The Pussycat" was voted best poem for children</em>

Colin Powell and the Presidents rode the breeze

In a posse of pea-green jets;

Their tongues were honey, and plenty of money

Had fuelled their tete-a-tetes.

As Powell looked down at the world below

He plugged in his Fender bass:

"Hey presto, Presidents, off we go,

"We're heads of the human race."

"Dear Prez, are you willing to make a quick killing?"

"For the folks," says Prez, "let 'em fall" -

So they opened the doors and united their cause

(Though the Turkmeni wouldn't play ball).

They dined on the Taliban quicker than Caliban,

Beneath a disposable moon,

Though the shape of the band they formed in the sand

Was as crude as an ancient cartoon.

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