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Stepmother convicted of manslaughter Norwich Crown Court found six-year-old Lauren Wright's stepmother, Tracey, and father, Craig Wright, guilty of manslaughter and wilful neglect. Lauren was found dead in the family home after a fatal punch or kick from her stepmother. Norfolk social services acknowledged that their handling of the situation was negligent.

Election apathy TV coverage of the 2001 general election received the lowest ever ratings figures for an election-night broadcast, according to the Independent Television Commission. A huge 70 per cent of viewers expressed "little or no interest" in the coverage, with apathy greatest in the 16-25 age group.

Swissair grounded Thousands of passengers were left stranded as Swissair became the aviation industry's principal economic casualty following the terror attacks on the United States. Swissair said that it was not sure when flights would resume, and that job losses among its 70,000-strong workforce will be severe.

Silent assassin The NHS launched its annual campaign to encourage the elderly and others at risk to obtain a flu jab, as winter approaches. The former boxer Henry Cooper is fronting the campaign. The chief medical officer, Liam Donaldson, spoke of the dangers of the "silent assassin" of influenza.

EastEnders used to educate the French The French education minister, Jack Lang, announced the use of the BBC's flagship soap, EastEnders, in the secondary-school English curriculum in France.

"Designer baby" row The parents of a two-year-old boy with the genetic defect beta-thalassaemia hope to change the regulations on fertility treatment and create a test-tube sibling to get the bone marrow needed to save their son. The application is receiving "careful consideration" from the human fertilisation and embryology authority.

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