<em>Michael Jackson is back. Peter Mandelson returned as head of Policy Network (To the tune of "Bad

The chutzpah's fiiine - gonna take a bite

Just must embraaace - this slice of night

I'm selling yooou a brand new thrill

Gonna bump and griiind - so foot my bill

(Jump on - jump on - oh Toneee - all right)

I'm living neeew - it's number three

Just strut my guuuff - it's Policy

I'm selling yooou this pound of pout

I'm just the saaame - they've let me out

Well they say that I'm not timid

Though I haven't got a clue

But my friend you'll soon be puffin'

When I pick a fight with you

Because I'm Back, I'm Back, jump on . . .

And the poll world wants the answer right now

Just to warn you once again - whose back?

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