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Foot-and-mouth outbreaks reach 2,000 Ministers' hopes that the policy of imposing strict containment areas would stop the spread of foot-and-mouth were shattered when another farm in a previously disease-free area became infected. The latest outbreaks in County Durham and Cumbria make it more likely that the government will abandon its long-term opposition to vaccination. The 2,000th case of foot-and-mouth was discovered in Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria, on 3 September.

Taliban trial commences The trial of eight international aid workers, arrested on 5 August, began in Kabul. Contrary to the Taliban's initial promises of an open court with diplomatic access, the American, German and Australian Shelter Now International workers are being tried in a closed court. Chief Justice Noor Mohammed Saqib assured western critics that the accused will get a fair trial.

Glittering prizes Fay Weldon's latest novel, The Bulgari Connection, may be the first case of a "product placement" deal between a fiction writer and a commercial partner. For an undisclosed sum, the bestselling author agreed to write a short work featuring at least a dozen favourable mentions of the Bulgari store in Sloane Square, west London.

Gauntlet of hate Pupils of the Holy Cross Catholic girls' primary school, aged four to 11, were caught up in Belfast's "turf war" on their first day back at school, when they faced 200 Protestants shouting abuse. RUC officers using riot shields escorted the girls to school. Riots followed in north Belfast.

Treble cancer risk Mobile phone users may be up to three times more likely to develop a brain tumour, according to the Swedish scientist Lennart Hardell. Hardell, a cancer specialist at Oreboro University in Sweden, studied people using mobile phones for more than two hours a day in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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