7 Days

Hamiltons' weird weekend Police arrested Neil Hamilton, the former Conservative MP for Tatton, and his wife, Christine, while investigating the assault and rape of a 28-year-old mother of four. The Hamiltons denied allegations that they took part in group sex and organised "swingers" parties. Their alibi for the evening was that they hosted a dinner party at which they served jellied Bloody Marys.

Change of plane The Prime Minister's decision to fly to Carcassonne in France with the Irish budget airline Ryanair (whose prices begin at £9.99) was good news for the taxpayer, but it was bad news for its rival Easyjet, which had launched an advertising campaign boasting of the Blair family's patronage of its low-cost services.

Mugabe censured The 14-member Southern African Development Community removed Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, from a top security post in the region after a week in which mobs looted and ransacked farms in the Chinhoyi area of Zimbabwe. Mugabe's former allies fear that his handling of his country's political and economic crisis is scaring away investors from the rest of the region. The president says he is only redistributing land stolen by the British during colonisation.

Colombian blow Three suspected members of the Provisional IRA were arrested in Bogota, Colombia, charged with teaching bomb-making techniques to guerrillas. The arrests are seen as a blow to the Irish peace process. Unionists claim that the IRA's decommissioning offer is exposed as a fraud.

Ice cream wars The seaside town of Frinton-on-Sea, which opened its first pub only last year, has won a court battle to keep ice creams off its sedate beaches. Gary Grainge had tried to get round a ban by giving free ice creams to people who hired paper flags for their sandcastles.

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