7 Days

Tamil Tigers raid Three hundred airline passengers, including 50 Britons, were trapped in the crossfire as members of the separatist Tamil Tigers and Sinhalese government forces clashed in dawn raids on Sri Lanka's international and military airports. Five soldiers and 13 Tamil fighters were killed, 12 people wounded and 13 aircraft were blown up.

Channel 4 boss quits Channel 4 supremo Michael Jackson, who oversaw ground-breaking programmes such as Big Brother and Ali G, announced that he is leaving for the United States. He will join the New York-based USA Entertainment Group as chief executive, taking charge of several television and cable channels as well as the TV production house Studio USA.

UK's "dangerous skies" North-west England has overtaken Maastricht as Europe's most crowded airspace. Britain now has seven of the 12 worst traffic control spots in Europe, with Heathrow sixth in the list. A government decision on a fifth Heathrow terminal is expected by the autumn.

All change in Jakarta Indonesia's first democratically elected president since the 1950s, Abdurrahman Wahid, was impeached after two years in power, following months of severe political and economic instability and alleged civil rights abuses. As the former vice-president, Megawati Sukarnoputri, became the country's first female leader, Wahid refused to leave the presidential palace, although he had been abandoned by the army and sacked by his own government. Megawati is the daughter of Indonesia's founding president, Achmad Sukarno.

Coca-Cola "terror campaign" United Steelworkers, the US trade union, claimed that five of its members working at Coca-Cola's Colombian plants have been killed since 1994 by right-wing death squads employed by the soft drinks company. Coca-Cola denied responsibility.

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