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Pinochet let off The former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, accused of human rights abuses during his 17-year regime, will not have to stand trial, because of ill health. The High Court in Santiago ruled to suspend charges after a medical report showed that the general is suffering from dementia. Pinochet was accused of covering up 57 homicides and 18 kidnappings.

Head spy's memoirs Tony Blair and the MI5 director general, Sir Stephen Lander, gave Dame Stella Rimington the green light to publish Open Secret, the book about her experience as the first woman head of MI5. Rimington offered her manuscript to MI5 for vetting in February last year.

Marconi crisis Marconi, the troubled manufacturing giant whose shares fell 90 per cent to their lowest value since the 1980s, faced further pressure as union leaders raised the prospect of a strike and shareholders launched legal action over the company's recent warning of low profits. More than 8,000 of the company's employees face redundancy.

Telford suicide verdict Lawyers for the family of Errol McGowan, the black doorman found hanged in Telford, seek to bring a civil action under the Human Rights Act, claiming that a racist campaign drove McGowan to suicide. The family is considering similar action against West Mercia Police, for what they allege was an inadequate response to McGowan's complaints about racial harassment.

Platell's secret diary Amanda Platell, William Hague's communications chief, abruptly left her job following Tory anger at her secret video account of the party's defeat, made in connection with Channel 4.

Correction Last week on the Books pages, we mistakenly wrote that the Gwen Raverat exhibition at Broughton House Gallery, 98 King Street, Cambridge CB1 (01223 314960) would be running from 7-28 June. Happily, readers will be able to see the exhibition, as it runs until 28 July.

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