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Tabloid forces retrial Mr Justice Poole halted the trial of Jonathan Woodgate and Lee Bowyer, the two Leeds footballers accused of attacking an Asian student, after a Sunday Mirror interview with the victim's father claimed a racial motive for the attack. Once the jury admitted seeing the article, Mr Justice Poole declared that the ten-week, £8m trial had to be abandoned. A retrial is planned for the autumn.

Internet twins return to US A judge ruled that the twin girls adopted over the internet by Judith and Alan Kilshaw, a couple from Buckley in North Wales, should be returned to Missouri, where they were born. The lawyer for Tranda Wecker, the natural mother of the twins, said that he believed she would win custody of the girls when the case returns to the United States.

Kosovo helicopter crash Two British military pilots died after their Puma helicopter crashed in the mountains at Kacanik, south-west of Pristina. The five survivors, four of whom were passengers, were all injured in the crash.

France halts M&S closures A French court ordered Marks & Spencer to suspend plans to close its 18 wholly owned stores in France without consulting 1,700 workers. French trade unions argue that, under European labour laws, the retailer should have consulted its workers before announcing the closures.

Dutch legalise euthanasia The upper house of the Dutch parliament passed a landmark bill to allow euthanasia under strict conditions. The Senate vote is largely seen as a formality, as the practice has long been tolerated in the Netherlands.

Aventis GM crop OK! The Labour government is set to approve the commercial use of a genetically modified crop, a variety of maize called T25. The move comes despite questions about whether T25 is safe for humans or animals, and about its potential impact on the environment.

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