7 Days

German nuclear protests More than 20,000 police could not prevent protesters from halting a train carrying reprocessed nuclear waste from France to Gorleben in Germany. Activists cemented themselves to the track, forcing the train to reverse.

Blood money A group of NHS patients who caught Hepatitis C from blood transfusions was awarded £10m. All 114 were given transfusions before screening was introduced in 1991. The case could lead to the NHS being forced to pay millions to other injury claimants, after a judge ruled that it was as liable as any private company for defective products. The news came in the same week as a report showing that Britain pays more compensation for criminal injuries than any other country.

Cannabis relaxed The Metropolitan Police announced that cannabis smokers in Brixton, south London, caught with a small amount of the substance will not be arrested. Instead, officers will confiscate the cannabis and issue a formal warning on the spot. The measure aims to reduce the hours of police time taken up by arrests and cautions.

Bye bye Pokemon Saudi Arabia banned Pokemon games and cards, claiming that they had "possessed the minds" of children. The Islamic nation's highest religious authority said the Japanese-made cards showed polytheistic and Zionist symbols.

Obsessive letters The broadcaster Joan Bakewell appeared on the BBC's Crimewatch to help with an appeal to catch a stalker. The man has been sending obscene letters for more than 20 years to prominent women, including Bakewell, the radio presenter Sue MacGregor and the actress Joanna Lumley.

Child porn swoop Officers from 25 police forces arrested 33 suspected internet paedophiles, following a three-month investigation code-named Operation Appal. Greater Manchester Police, which co-ordinated the raids, was helped by the software company SurfControl.

No is not enough A man who repeatedly had sex with a woman, even though she said no, was cleared of rape by the Aberdeen High Court. The judge ruled that the charge of rape stood only if the man used or threatened force. The finding was criticised by women's groups and the Law Society.

Rights for unwed dads Unmarried fathers will have the same say as married fathers in their child's upbringing if a new bill becomes law. Currently, if a couple are unwed, the mother has sole responsibility unless the father obtains a court order. The new right will apply only if the father is named on the child's birth certificate.

Teen killers Fifty-eight teenagers were killed in Kenya in an arson attack on their school. Other students may have started the fire, in anger at being barred from an exam after they were accused of cheating. A locked door meant that the boys were unable to escape.

Annan takes on Israel The UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, attacked Israel's "excessively harsh response" to the intifada and its "collective punishment" of Palestinians. In his address to the Arab League summit in Amman, he urged both sides to resume peace talks.

Disney cuts jobs Walt Disney, the world's second-largest media company, shed 4,000 jobs worldwide in response to the slowdown in the US economy. The California-based company expects to save $400m through the cuts.

Anthony Bevins Anthony Bevins, the former political editor of the Observer, Independent and the Daily Express, died aged 58, after a short illness. Bevins was a contributor to the New Statesman, most recently in February.

Tube strike London Undergound workers called a 24-hour strike in protest at the government's plans for a public-private partnership. They say the plans threaten safety and job security.