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Robinson controversy Stephen Byers, the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, threatened to sue the Daily Mail over its allegations that he had suppressed a report into the business affairs of the former paymaster-general, Geoffrey Robinson. The allegation appeared a Tom Bower's biography of Robinson, serialised in the Daily Mail. Robinson is chairman of the New Statesman.

Police compensation A recent spate of claims for compensation by police officers complaining of "stress" and "trauma" - including one for £400,000, for being sent back on the beat - was condemned by victim support groups, which pointed out that relatives of murder victims are awarded £3,000 on average.

Mary Robinson resigns Mary Robinson quit as United Nations high commissioner for human rights. She said that she felt frustrated by the constraints of the organisation and its lack of funds; the US has refused to pay UN dues of more than $1.5bn.

New Microsoft system Bill Gates, boss of the computer giant Microsoft, announced a new system that he says is the most important development since Windows. Called HailStorm, it will use software compatible with the internet and most computing devices and will be available from 2002.

Turkish reform Turkey promised to abolish the death penalty and allow freedom of expression in order to qualify for EU membership. The government promised sweeping reforms of its legal, political and economic systems. An EU candidate since 1999, Turkey has been particularly criticised for its treatment of its Kurdish minority.

Tory crackdown New curbs on travellers' freedoms will form part of the Conservative "neighbourhood issues" manifesto pledge, which includes crackdowns on mobile phone masts, graffiti and unruly neighbours.

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