7 Days

Prodi v Blair Romano Prodi, the European Commission president, attacked Tony Blair's stance on Europe as "unreasonable". He said of the Prime Minister's defence of the national veto: "Under torture you cannot convince me that this would be reasonable."

Conservative tax pledge William Hague delivered his first election blow by promising voters £8bn worth of tax cuts. An audience at the Institute of Economic Affairs was told that lower taxation and controlled public spending would be delivered by a future Conservative government.

Football manager cleared David Jones, the 44-year-old former manager of Southampton, was cleared of charges of child abuse. The case at Liverpool Crown Court collapsed when an alleged victim refused to give evidence. This is the latest in a series of cases involving former care-home workers who have been falsely accused of abuse.

Foreign Office favours The Foreign Office strongly denied "urging" an Oxford college to accept the Sultan of Brunei's son. The son of the world's third-richest man apparently misunderstood the admissions process when he sent his application form via the Foreign Office. Foreign Office sources claim that they simply redirected his application to Magdalen College.

NHS on course for winter Tony Blair declared that the NHS is better prepared than it was last year to cope with any winter crisis. He attributed the improvement to Labour's five-point plan for the health service.

Chicken Britney Scientists responsible for Dolly the sheep have taken their expertise into the chicken pen. Britney the chicken has been created because her eggs contain vital proteins to be used in cancer drugs. So far, scientists and religious groups have welcomed the latest advance in genetic engineering, making Britney less controversial than her woolly predecessor.

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