7 Days

Damaging leak An embarrassing memo revealed that Tony Blair felt "out of touch" with the British on important policy issues. The Prime Minister feared that his government was regarded as "soft" on crime and asylum-seekers. The latest Guardian/ICM poll showed that Labour's lead over the Conservatives had fallen to 7 percentage points.

Tough on hooligans The controversial hooligan bill cleared the House of Commons, despite concerns for civil liberties. The Football (Disorder) Bill is aimed at stopping hooligans from travelling abroad for football events. Critics feared that innocent people might lose their right to travel. It is hoped that the legislation will be in place for England's World Cup qualifiers, which begin this autumn.

More crime Government figures showed that violent crime rose by 16 per cent over the past year - the biggest increase in ten years. Ministers blamed alcohol-related crime and mobile-phone theft for the dramatic rise.

Historic deal Nearly one million slave labourers will receive £3.2bn from Germany in compensation for their sufferings under the Nazi regime. The German chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, hoped that the agreement "would close a last chapter of the past".

Male contraceptive Researchers at Edinburgh University announced that their version of the male pill was 100 per cent effective and caused no damaging side effects. It is scheduled to go on sale in 2005.

Bomb alerts Dissident Irish republicans opposed to the Good Friday Agreement planted a bomb beside a railway station in west London. A series of alerts closed several mainline stations, including Victoria, where the NS offices are situated. Production of the paper was delayed. We apologise to subscribers for any delay in delivery.

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