Get Off Of My Cloud

<em>Tony Blair and William Hague are both openly consulting religious thinkers. It's 40 years since

I live in a compartment where St Peter has the only keys to the lock

And I sit alone with the curtains closed imagining I'm Mr Spock

Then in fly two guys who are all decked up in Union Jacks

Who say they'll win five years if I back their taxes in an urgent fax

I said Hey! You! Get off of my cloud

Hey! You! Get off of my shroud

Hey! You! No tinkers allowed

Don't hang your heads 'cause three's a crowd on my cloud

The telephone is ringing, I say, "Hi, it's God. Who is wasting my time?"

Two voices say, "Which way d'you vote?" Oh hell, it's pantomime.

I say, "It's Sunday night, you're only boys,

don't you have any other plans instead?

Do the pollsters know that you're where the angels fear to tread?"

I say Hey! You! Get off of my cloud . . .

I was uninspired, needed bliss and proceeded to beam myself downtown

It was so very cool and soothing, there were only a few lost souls around

I switched on Highway, I was so wired and I started to dream

In the dawn there were party posters like confetti on my TV screen

I say Hey! You! Get off of my cloud . . .

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