Summer paperbacks - Literary editor's recommendations


Anita Desai: Fasting, Feasting (Vintage, £6.99)

John Cheever: The Stories (Vintage, £10.99)

Alberto Moravia: Boredom (New Review Books, £7.99)

Rose Tremain: Music & Silence (Vintage, £6.99)

Bernard Mac Laverty: Lamb (Vintage, £6.99)

Michael Frayn: Headlong (Faber & Faber, £6.99)

J M Coetzee: Disgrace (Vintage, £6.99)

A L Kennedy: Everything You Need (Vintage, £6.99)


Anthony Sampson: Mandela: an authorised biography (HarperCollins, £9.99)

Germaine Greer: The Whole Woman (Anchor, £7.99)

Alexander Chancellor: Some Times in America (Picador, £7.99)

Richard Mabey: Country Matters Selected Writings 1974-1999 (Pimlico, £12.50)

Andrew Jack: The French Exception (Profile, £8.99)

Adam Hochschild: King Leopold's Ghost: a story of greed, terror and heroism in colonial Africa (Papermac, £12)

Edwin Jones: The English Nation: the great myth (Sutton Publishing, £12.99)

Stacy Schiff: Vera (Mrs Nabokov) (Modern Library, £12.99)

John Keay: Last Post: the end of empire in the Far East (John Murray, £10.99)

Mike Marqusee: Redemption Song: Muhammad Ali and the spirit of the Sixties (Verso, £10)

Ben Rogers: A J Ayer: a life (Vintage, £8.99)

Giles Milton: Nathaniel's Nutmeg: how one man's courage changed the course of history (Sceptre, £6.99)

Brenda Maddox: George's Ghosts: a new life of W B Yeats (Picador, £6.99)

Ellis Wasson: Born to Rule: British political elites (Sutton Publishing, £20)

Jonathan Spence: The Chan's Great Continent: China in western minds (Penguin, £8.99)

John Grigg: 1943: the victory that never was (Penguin, £8.99)

Edward Hooper: The River: a journey back to the source of HIV and Aids (Penguin, £10.99)

Ian Hamilton (ed): The Penguin Book of Twentieth-Century Essays (Penguin, £8.99)

R C Latham & W Matthews (eds): The Diary of Samuel Pepys Volume III 1662 (HarperCollins, £9.99)

Asa Briggs (ed): Sutton Pocket Histories (Sutton, £5.99 each)

Anthony Arnove (ed): Iraq Under Seige: the deadly impact of sanctions and war (Pluto Press, £10.99)