7 Days

Millennium bodge The £18.2m Millennium Bridge linking St Paul's Cathedral on the north bank of the Thames to the Tate Modern on the south closed for repairs three days after its opening. A spokeswoman for the Millennium Bridge Trust admitted that the repair work would take "weeks rather than days".

Dodgy docs alert The government created an "early warning system" aimed at rooting out bad doctors. The system, which will log all errors and incompetence in a new central register, aims to stem the recent spate of misdiagnoses and botched operations.

A-hunting we won't go? Following the publication of the Burns report into the effects of a ban on fox-hunting, the government will bring forward a bill on hunting with dogs. Most MPs are expected to vote for a complete ban. However, resistance in the Lords will mean that a ban is unlikely to reach the statute book before the general election.

Korea's north-south divide bridged The president of South Korea, Kim Dae-Jung, and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong II, met at the first summit between the two countries for 55 years. It is hoped that the meeting will reduce tensions along the cold war's last frontier.

No place like home Local councillors in the south-east rejected John Prescott's plans for 43,000 new homes to be built annually over the next five years. Archie Norman, the Tory environment spokesman, called on his party's councillors to vote for a figure of 33,000.

Tax the rich Unison, Britain's biggest trade union, called for a new tax rate of 50 per cent on earnings of more than £100,000. In the week that a Unicef report ranked Britain 20th out of 23 countries in the developed world in terms of relative poverty, Unison argued that such a tax would help alleviate poverty and improve public services.

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