7 Days

GM royal rumpus The Duke of Edinburgh clashed with Prince Charles on the issue of GM foods. The Duke dismissed his son's anti-GM arguments as "alarmist". Meanwhile, Princess Anne told The Grocer that GM foods were safe - although she later back-pedalled from her endorsement.

"Both new and old and er . . ." Tony Blair affirmed the centrality of "traditional values" at the heart of the new Labour, new Britain project. The Prime Minister hopes to reassure Middle England that his party is not, as William Hague alleges, run by a "liberal elite".

Bringing down the house (prices) The Halifax suggested that the UK housing boom is faltering. The bank's latest figures show a 0.4 per cent decline in house prices during May - the third monthly decline since February.

Breaking the law of war Amnesty International alleged that Nato knowingly endangered civilian lives when it bombed Serbia during last year's Kosovo conflict. The organisation argued that Nato broke international law by attacking civilian targets such as bridges and television stations.

Humber mouth gets fat lip The Conservatives attacked John Prescott over his criticism that Oxbridge colleges are elitist, and pointed out that the Deputy Prime Minister himself lives in a £4m mansion, complete with butler.

Implant bubble bursts AEI inc, the company behind soya-filled breast implants, promised to pay for their surgical removal from customers following reports that the implants may leak into the bloodstream, possibly causing cancer and complications in pregnancy.

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