7 Days

Advancing ruin Israel's forces beat a chaotic retreat from South Lebanon on Tuesday, bringing to an end 22 years of occupation. The hopes of the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, for a dignified retreat were dashed when around 100 members of Israel's ally, the South Lebanese Army, gave themselves up to the Islamic Hizbollah guerrillas. Other SLA members and Christians are expected to seek refuge in Israel.

What's cooking in the cauldron? The Co-op supermarket chain published a report condemning the practices of food manufacturers. More than 70 per cent of British consumers accused the food industry of cruelty to animals, poor attention to the environment, lax standards and cynical marketing tactics.

Ulster ulcer Northern Ireland's peace process remains in limbo. The Sinn Fein president, Gerry Adams, rejected the terms of the policing bill that was published last week. John Taylor, the deputy head of the Ulster Unionist Party, was quoted as opposing a return to power-sharing under the present circumstances.

Seedy business The GM controversy gathered pace when the Agriculture Minister, Nick Brown, was called on to resign amid allegations that he had tried to cover up the contamination of rapeseed by GM products. Farmers had sown 30,000 acres with the seed for three weeks before the government reported the contamination.

Heading off to peace? The Defence Secretary, Geoffrey Hoon, warned that the recent agreement by the five major nuclear powers to dismantle their nuclear capabilities would not happen "next week or next month".

Girl power Today's girls are more confident, ambitious and adventurous than previous generations, according to a report by the Guide Association.

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